Buffy served as the Assistant External Affairs Officer for Planning and Products on her second stint for DR-1981. The continuity she was able to provide in this role was extremely beneficial to the overall External Affairs Operation. Buffy did an outstanding job managing a writing team that at times saw frequent turnover, yet managed to maintain a consistent voice in products and message. She did a superb job in mentoring new staff and was able to assign projects to writers in a manner that complemented their abilities and program knowledge. Buffy also got the most from the liaison team that we had in place on this event. Her considerable background allowed her to identify products that might be useful as the disaster moved on and her counsel and advice were beneficial to me as the External Affairs Officer. Products of special note were the newsletter for FEMA housing residents and the Temporary Housing Units technical briefing packets. Buffy’s performance was of high caliber.


FEMA supervisor for Minot flood 2011-12 (DR1981)