Thank you for visiting my website. I started it as a portfolio where prospective clients could see my work and get to know me and I still want it to serve that purpose. But I also want it to serve as a creative and experimental space where I can share my enthusiasm for research, writing and editing.

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Featured Samples


Buffy was a tremendous asset to the External Affairs team serving the Federal Disaster Recovery Coordination of New York. Because External Affairs support of FDRC is a new area, there were not set job titles or procedures. The skills of a fully qualified Assistant External Affairs Officer for Planning and Products were needed to support operations, and Buffy provided them with ease. She immediately familiarized herself with FDRC operations and objectives and, on her own initiative, developed a draft strategic communications plan for FDRC External Affairs that served as the framework for a final product. She exhibited leadership and coordination skills, introducing others to recovery coordination and helping to mentor a local hire assigned to the group. She also provided expert writing and style guidance to the FDRC planning staff and those assigned to draft the Recovery Support Strategy. Overall a tremendously valuable employee and I look forward to opportunities to work with her in the future.


FEMA supervisor, Hurricane Sandy in New York, 2013 (DR4085)