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Tools of Education

For the tools of learning are the same, in any and every subject; and the person who knows how to use them will, at any age, get the mastery of a new subject in half the time and with a quarter of the effort expended by the person who has not the tools at his… Read more »

In The Company Of Saints, Part I

Sister Regis did not think she could get through the day without dying, so great was her joy. She repeated this so often that I began to be afraid it would happen.—Rose Philippine Duchesne, RSCJ The years of westward expansion fascinate me. I think of them as starting in 1803 when the young United States… Read more »

Free To Move About

The disease has survived in memory more than in any literature… The writers of the 1920s had little to say about it… Hemingway, Faulkner, Fitzgerald said next to nothing of it.—John M. Barry, The Great Influenza: The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in History Early during the Covid 19 pandemic, I decided on my parameters for… Read more »

Joy of Blogging Part III

You’re always writing it to be something. Later, you decide whether it’ll ever see the light of day. But at the moment of its writing it’s always meant to be something. So, to me there’s no practicing; there’s only editing and publishing or not publishing.—Steve Martin Writing can be a solitary experience and certainly when… Read more »

Ancient Epics

The Odyssey

Odysseus, the great teller of tales, launched out on his own story…. “Come let me tell you about the voyage fraught with hardship Zeus inflected on me homeward bound from Troy.”—The Odyssey, Book Nine When I wrote my November 2019 post, I looked at storytelling from various angles, most of which could have independently filled… Read more »

An Elegant Haunt

Brown Palace atrium

Several psychics and mediums who have visited The Keep believe that when they dug down that far and tapped into the aquifer, they created some sort of otherworldly passageway that has made the hotel a way station, not just for travelers in this realm, but also for spirits on their way to the afterlife.—Ghost Tour by… Read more »

Joy of Blogging: Part Two

Finding My Voice For any given piece, journalists and essayists can tell many stories, go off on dozens of tangents, while gradually coming to focus on the meaning of their research, ideas, and interviews.—Lee Gutkind, author of You Can’t Make This Stuff Up Even though I embraced the epistolary format of writing early on, it took… Read more »

Joy of Blogging: Part One


Captain’s Log, Stardate 43125.8. We have entered a spectacular binary star system in the Kavis Alpha sector on a most critical mission of astrophysical research. Our eminent guest, Dr. Paul Stubbs, will attempt to study the decay of neutronium expelled at relativistic speeds from a massive stellar explosion, which will happen in a number of… Read more »

Yea? Nay? All Win In Denver Elections

Denver Elections Division

Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” – John Quincy Adams When I signed on to be an election judge in 2018, I thought—correctly—the job might be fun and interesting and I might meet some new people. But I never… Read more »

Mr. Rogers And Journalism

Mr. Rogers stamp.

Mr. Rogers And Journalism Journalists need to let their ahhh (wonder) show through when they witness the glory of life … they have as much responsibility to celebrate life and the goodness of it as they do to root out evil.—Fred Rogers When I saw A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, I was pleasantly surprised to… Read more »